I wrote/directed/acted in a comedy crime film called Cordial Kill. It is, in part, my homage to great cop and crime films of the 1970's and 80's, filmed to carry the look and feel of those eras. It's intentionally password protected, temporarily, while on the festival circuit. Message Me for the password to watch it.


Below are pieces of fiction I've written, some self-published, some published by others. The books' images are links to purchase each one digitally as an eBook, or in some cases, in print. Organized chronologically, most recent to oldest.


I would never refer to myself as a "graphic designer" & I don't know the Adobe Suite nor any other high-level digital design program, though I can draw decently well & have wrangled together a sort of strange & wildly incongruous portfolio over the years. Here are some of the things I've drawn, painted, made by hand or patched together on a free computer program.


For a brief period, I was writing non-fiction music articles about various artists I enjoy for the monthly record subscription service Vinyl Me, Please. Below are links to the articles on each musician in the VMP blog archive.


These are dated and were made by a version of me that was just a lil' fella with fewer resources, so take them with a grain of salt. They, like all things, were a product of their time. Still, I am proud of them for what they are and they exemplify where I was at as an artist coming into his own.


Official music video for Abraham the Poor's 'Quelle Horreur!' from the 2011 album, "After the Flood, Into the Wild." Directed by Hannah Macpherson & produced by David Ferry Jr. for Lindele Media. I am the gentleman with a live rat in his mouth.


Stop-motion music video for "Future Homes" by Abraham the Poor, animated by hand using only household items and a Hi8 home camcorder.


Abraham the Poor was a band in Albuquerque, New Mexico that started out in 2008-ish as just me on an acoustic guitar & eventually grew to include a handful of regular members including Andy Othling of Lowercase Noises & a guest spot on the song "Anezka" by Levi the Poet / Levi MacAllister. I made these albums with the help of some friends, played shows around New Mexico & even toured a little in the Southwest. I was a young & very different man than I am today when I made these records & while I presently find many of the lyrics too overtly Christian, I'm still proud of much of what was accomplished through these songs & this band.

"After the Flood, Into the Wild" by Abraham the Poor - January 2011.

"The Pumpkin Patch Cabin EP" by Abraham the Poor - September 2008


I wrote/drew a Tumblr-based comic strip based on the Harry Potter novels & films from July 2010 - December 2011 that went kinda-sorta-niche-viral in the HP community for a bit. The Tumblr has since been taken down but here are some of the more "beloved" posts.

Side note: I'm not happy with a lot of my artwork on these. I drew them relatively quickly in single drafts with a pen so there was little to no opportunity for correction/tidying up. While more effort & care could have been put into the craft of these, everything is a product of its time & I still believe these warrant inclusion here.